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With over years expertise in Construction and Real Estate,Beyttürk provided properties for tens of thousands of families.All the families from different families that bought properties from Beyttürk and the ones that will buy properties from Beyttürk made it a global brand.According to the new regulations regarding the law on the acquistion of Turkish Citizenship through buying properties in the past months,It is possible now from investors and our costomers to acquire the Turkish Citizenship very easily through buying a property,that is why it is important to use this chance approprietly.

With Beyttürk along with specialized legal consultants you can acquire the Turkish Citizenship through buying a property safely.

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Choose Your Flat

Choose and own your flat from Beyttürk's projects

Get Your Title Deed

After the purchase of a flat from Beyttürk, you can swiftly get your ownership certificate; the title deed

Prepare Your Documents

Your are required to prepare documents for the relevant institutions to apply for citizenship

Give Procuration

To initiate the transactions in a short period of time and safely, you give a procuration to Arıtürk Law, our Legal solutions partner, one of the biggest consultancy service in Turkey

Apply for Residence Permit

If you stay in Turkey during the applications process, you need to apply for a residence permit

Procedures of Wife and Children

The residency of your wife and your children over 18 years old are guaranteed by law. Children under 18 become Turkish citizens naturally

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frequently asked questions

Yes, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey.

According to the provisions of the law, the property should be purchased at the equivalent of 250 thousand dollars and above after the date of 18-09-2018, which is the date of issuance of the new amendments to the Turkish citizenship law and if the property was purchased previously, the value of the property should be one million dollars.

This is not required. The amount can be brought in cash or bank transfers or through the offices of money orders or money exchange.

Yes, the Turkish government allows dual citizenship .. But it is up to your country of origin, whether it allows dual or not.

A person’s wife and children under the age of 18 are granted Turkish citizenship. Children over 18 or a person’s mother and father are not granted citizenship but can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.