27 Question about obtaining Turkish citizenship

27 Question about obtaining Turkish citizenship

  1. Can I get Turkish citizenship?

Yes, a foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey.

2. When should a foreign investor buy immovable property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship? Can a person who bought a former property apply for citizenship?

According to the provisions of the law, the property should be purchased at the equivalent of 250 thousand dollars and above after the date of 18-09-2018, which is the date of issuance of the new amendments to the Turkish citizenship law and if the property was purchased previously, the value of the property should be one million dollars.

3. Do I have to enter the amount to Turkey through the bank?

This is not required. The amount can be brought in cash or bank transfers or through the offices of money orders or money exchange.

4. Does the Turkish government allow dual citizenship? After I get citizenship, I can keep my original citizenship?

Yes, the Turkish government allows dual citizenship … But it is up to your country of origin, whether it allows dual or not.

5. Do the family members of the person holding Turkish citizenship also obtain citizenship?

A person’s wife and children under the age of 18 are granted Turkish citizenship. Children over 18 or a person’s mother and father are not granted citizenship but can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

6. If I get Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property, how can my children over 18 years of age obtain Turkish citizenship with me?

A separate file can be submitted for each 18-year-old son to acquire Turkish citizenship in return for his or her own real estate investment

7. Can I authorize someone else to submit a citizenship file and follow up on my behalf?

Yes, you can work for an agency at the Turkish Embassy in your country, or at the notary in Turkey, for anyone you choose to follow the procedures on your behalf.

8. After I get Turkish citizenship in return for real estate investment, will I be summoned for compulsory military service in Turkey?

If you acquire Turkish citizenship after the age of 22 you will be exempted from military service in Turkey

9. How long does it take for Turkish citizenship to buy a property?

45 days, is the period set for the completion of the procedures for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, from the beginning of the transaction, ie, the delivery of the required documents in full to the Turkish government, and until signed by the President of the Republic, who has the power to approve the granting of Turkish citizenship

10. If I buy a property to apply for Turkish citizenship, can I rent it?

Yes, the property can be rented. It is important that you retain ownership and not sell it for only 3 years.

11. Can a Syrian acquire Turkish citizenship under this law?

Since Syrian citizenship holders cannot currently own real estate in Turkey, therefore, Syrians cannot obtain citizenship in return for real estate investment, but can benefit from the other options mentioned in this law to obtain Turkish citizenship, namely:

  • Fixed investment of at least US $ 500,000.
  • Provide employment opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.
  • Deposit in Turkish banks for at least $ 500 thousand.

12. How is the value of the property to be purchased determined?

The value of the property is calculated according to somebodies approved by the state and ratified by the Turkish Capital Markets Authority. After applying for Turkish citizenship. An appointment is made with a company that will report the real value of the property.

13. Should I buy the property in US dollars? Or can buy the property in any currency?

The property is not required to be purchased in foreign currency (USD) but the value of the property paid will be calculated at the same amount as the foreign currency on the day of purchase. For example, you made a purchase on 10/10/2019 and paid in Turkish Lira.

14. Do I have to stay in Turkey for a certain period to obtain Turkish citizenship?

This is not required.

15. Can I buy any residential or commercial property to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Yes, you can buy any property you choose, provided that it exceeds 250 thousand dollars, whether it is an apartment, villa, shop or any other property in Turkey.

16. What is the next step after buying and evaluating the property?

After that, a lawyer goes with you to the TAPU (Turkish Property Management Department) to install and extract an official document not to sell the property for three years.

17. When can I sell the property after I get citizenship?

You can not sell the property three years before the date of your pledge not to sell and the state will not allow you to sell in any case and please note that you can sell the property to a Turkish or foreign person after three years is no problem in that.

18. Do I have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship if I buy the property by contract or agreement?

One of the basic conditions and the required documents is the title deed, so you cannot apply for citizenship if you do not issue a Tapu.

19. Can I sell my current property and buy it again and apply for citizenship?

Yes, it is possible. The most important point is that your property will be registered after the date of issuing the amendments of the law, which is 18 September 2018.

20. Can the deposited amount be used to obtain a loan or be considered a mortgage with the Bank?

It’s up to the bank! What matters to the state here is the document freezing the amount .. If the bank agrees to this measure, there is no harm because no part of this amount was withdrawn.

21. Are any taxes charged on the amount deposited?

If you have deposited the amount in an interest-free account, no taxes will be deducted from the account. Please note that this figure may change at any time depending on the data of the economy.

22. How do business owners obtain Turkish citizenship?

According to Turkish law, fixed capital holders with a value of $ 500,000 are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship. However, this amount should be invested and spent on basic materials such as buildings and machinery that can be used for investment and production in Turkey.

23. Do all partners within the company acquire Turkish citizenship?

Yes, but only on the condition that each partner’s share is $ 500,000 so that he can apply for Turkish citizenship.

24. Can I get Turkish citizenship by buying a property under construction?

On 7/12/2018 the law was amended so that you can get Turkish citizenship by buying a property under construction and can be paid half the amount and the rest installments over a year

25. Is it required to know the Turkish language to obtain Turkish citizenship

No, it is not required.

26. In the case of the birth of a child in Turkey, that is, before the father obtained Turkish citizenship… Is it granted Turkish citizenship or the nationality of the father and mother? If he is granted Turkish citizenship, does the mother acquire Turkish citizenship or not?

In case the father has Turkish nationality, the child will get Turkish citizenship. In case the father does not have the nationality, the child will obtain the nationality of the father and mother regardless of the birth of the child in Turkey.

27. If there is a child with special needs, is there a specific age for Turkish citizenship?

The Turkish state has issued an exceptional decision that if a child with special needs can obtain Turkish citizenship if he is over 18 years of age from his father or mother.

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