Buying property: your way to get Turkish citizenship

Buying property- your way to get Turkish citizenship

Buying property: your way to get Turkish citizenship

The new Regulation amending the Regulation on the implementation of the Law on Turkish Citizenship was published in the Official Journal on 12 January 2017 and entered into force, opening the way for foreign investors to become Turkish citizens.

Without entering into other conditions, and in particular without the delay of the periods of residence.

Foreigners who are not Turkish, generally, can become Turkish citizens in our country in two ways:

Turkish nationality can be obtained either by residing in Turkey for five years without interruption, going back to the date of the application, or by remaining married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years.

With the amendment of the Regulations on the Implementation of the Law on Turkish Citizenship, time issues are no longer dealt with.

Foreigners can become Turkish citizens without having to be in Turkey.

According to the Implementing Regulations of the Turkish Citizenship Law, the conditions for investors to become Turkish citizens as stipulated in Article 20 are:

  • a fixed investment of not less than US $ 500,000 to be determined by the Ministry of Economy;
  • Purchase of real estate worth not less than 250,000 USD. Provided it is not sold for three years.
  • provide employment for at least 50 people,
  • Deposit of not less than US $ 500,000 to banks operating in Turkey provided they hold deposits for three years.

In practice, the most common type of investment in Turkish citizenship is the purchase of immovable real estate worth $ 250,000.

With the purchase of real estate worth US $ 250,000, there are several steps to get to the stage of possession of Turkish citizenship.

These processes can be complex for foreigners. For this reason, foreign investors must absolutely seek the help of lawyers who are experts in their field.

Following the collection of the required documents, a request will be sent to the Directorate General of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior.

But before, the person who wants to become a Turkish citizen should buy real estate valued at US $ 250,000 (USD).

Below you can see the steps to take:


A real estate worth at least 250,000 USD must be purchased. When buying real estate, a 3-year non-sale commentary should be put on the land registry.

If there is no annotation on the title deed of this real estate, the real estate shall be sold to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre with the statement of ac Not to be sold within 3 years from the date of acquisition within the scope of Article 20 of the Regulation on the Application of Turkish Citizen Law ”.


  • In order for foreign persons to own real estate in Turkey, a preliminary application must be made by the land registry offices first.
  • The date for the transfer of the immovable is determined after the pre-application.
  • Application documents must be ready on the designated day.

Application Documents in real estate purchase in Turkey:


  • Title deed of the real estate certificate
  • Passport and photocopy of the foreigner who will buy (with approved Turkish translation)
  • Real Estate Fair Value Certificate acak from the municipality where the property is located
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for residences and businesses
  • 1 photo of the seller (white background, biometric)
  • 2 photos of the foreigner (white background, biometric)
  • Sworn translator if the foreigner does not speak Turkish
  • Original or approved copy of the power of attorney in case the transfer transactions are carried out with a proxy (approved Turkish translation if issued abroad)


A residence permit must also be obtained through real estate to cover the process of completing the application for citizenship. In other words, a short-term residence permit must be obtained on the real estate after the house is taken.


In order to benefit from this arrangement, in order to determine the amount of $ 250,000 mentioned in the applications to acquire the property through the sale, a property appraisal report showing the value of the property must be obtained by an appraiser. holder of a valid license accepted by the Capital Markets Board and addressed to one of the WCD Recognition Companies.

CMB experts of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date of determination of the valuation process when (TCC) Effective exchange rate and / or currency base.


Other required documents are provided.

Necessary documents are provided by the attorney if the attorney is given a power of attorney or by the foreign person if not.

In case there are documents that cannot be provided with a lawyer, the person must provide them.

The documents required to acquire real estate and acquire Turkish citizenship are listed as follows:

  • Application
  • 2 photos (white background and biometric)
  • Passport (and notarized Turkish translation)
  • Document showing the identity of the applicant (such as birth certificate, Population Registration Certificate))
  • Health report
  • 1 of the applicant. or 2. If they have relatives of Turkish citizens, the sample of the Population Registration
  • Document showing the marital status of the applicant
  • If the applicant is married, the marriage certificate, the sample of the population registration certificate indicating the spouse and children
  • If the applicant is divorced, the document proving this condition, if the widow is the death certificate of her spouse
  • If the child under the age of 18 under the custody of the applicant is also required to acquire Turkish citizenship, the document showing the consent of the other parent arranged by the notary public at home, foreign representative or competent authorities in the country and the Turkish translation approved according to the procedure
  • If only the year of birth of the applicant is known and the month and day are not known, the document obtained from his / her country for the inclusion of these dates
  • Receipt showing that the service fee was paid to the Finance Teller


In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, an application is made to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship affairs with the necessary documents. In order to complete the Turkish citizenship application smoothly, the required application documents must be completed in a complete and accurate manner.


A commission is formed by the relevant ministries, the application for citizenship is evaluated and submitted for the approval of the President. The final decision is made by the President.


During the approval phase, they are called by the nearest provincial police department to be fingerprinted and to be interviewed.

The most important factor in the acquisition of Turkish citizenship is undoubtedly the preparation of documents requested in state institutions in accordance with legislation and procedure. A single deficiency can lead to a negative outcome of your application. Therefore, it is healthier for you to consult an expert on these procedures.

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